State Trooper Brings Picnic Lunch To Homeless Woman On Side Of The Road

When this officer saw a woman on the side of the road holding a sign and asking for help, he kept driving — so he could buy and deliver her a meal.


Barely a day goes by without a new story surfacing that involves police brutality. Luckily, this news is about as positive as it gets.

Recently, a Massachusetts State Trooper was on his way back from court when he noticed a homeless woman on the side of the road. Like most people, he kept driving. However, his intention wasn’t to avoid the issue but to turn it into a positive situation.

After picking up two take-out lunches, Officer Luke Bonin drove back to find the woman. When she saw him approaching, she thought she was about to be arrested for panhandling. Instead, Bonin offered her the choice of two meals and asked to sit with her while they enjoyed their lunches.

The State Trooper never told his superiors or fellow troopers about the good deed, but a passerby snapped a photo of the scene and passed it along to the state police.

As a result, his place of employment shared it on Facebook with a kind sentiment:

“Yes, Trooper Bonin, we know you do not want or expect publicity. We know you didn’t want to be noticed, but you were, and the job is proud of you. We commend you for your selfless act, and for ‘doing the right thing’ for someone less fortunate than most people.”

While negative happenings are taking place in the world, plenty of positive ones are, too. It’s important to share the news that not all cops are bad so people may form educated, objective opinions on issues like police brutality.

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