Starving And Alone, This Veteran Called 9-11 For Help. What Happened Next Will Change Your Day.

Alone and too weak from Cancer treatment to make himself food, this veteran did the next best thing he could think of.

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

Imagine being 81-years-old, alone, and too weak to acquire food after recently undergoing treatment for cancer. What would you do??

This retired veteran, named Clarence Blackmon, didn?t have any other choice except to reply on the extension?he hoped might help him – the emergency line at the local police station.

And thankfully, instead of telling the man?he was tying up the emergency line, the kind operator, Marilyn Hinson, picked up a pen and began writing him a grocery list.

Hinson, with the help of two offers, showed up at Blackmon?s residency in Fayetteville, North Carolina to deliver him groceries and fix him a ham sandwich.

Said Marilyn, ?I?ve been hungry. A lot of people can?t say that, but I can, and I can?t stand for anyone to be hungry.??

Since this heartwarming story made news, donations have been pouring in for Blackmon, and it doesn?t look like the gentlemen will be going to bed hungry anytime soon.

Watch the segment from ABCNews?below:?


What are your thoughts on this kindness? Truly, the number one blessing we have in life is the gift of giving to others.?

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