SpaceX Is Making A Micro-Satellite Internet Network To Decentralize The Web


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SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company is currently developing a micro-satellite network that will work to bring cheap and unrestricted internet access to the world.

He said on his twitter page this week that they are in the early stages of development on the project, and that more details will be coming in the following months. Responding to a comment about the cost of the service, Musk said that the internet service would be “unfettered certainly and at very low cost.”Space X Web

The announcement comes in the midst of heavy debate surrounding the cost and regulation of internet services. Musk’s announcement provides a solution that offers both cheap and unregulated internet, something that does not seem possible within the current internet paradigm. SpaceX is just one of many organizations who are developing creative solutions to the problems caused by internet centralization.

Along with mega corporations like SpaceX, Google and Facebook, independent researchers are also working on solutions, such as mesh networks and WI-fi sharing systems.

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