Sousaphone Player Heroically Trolls KKK By Playing Doofy Music [Watch]

This is just too funny?

Credit: Death and Taxes

This might have taken place in 2015, but it?s just as relevant in 2017 considering attitudes of white supremacy seem to be on the rise – or at least have become less hidden in recent months.

As members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) marched down the streets of South Carolina toward the statehouse, they waved a confederate flag to note their support for the times when it was legal to discriminate, enslave and kill others for doing nothing other than having different colored skin.

When activist Matt Buck saw the group, he did something few would have done: he walked beside them and began to play doofy sousaphone music during their entire march, reports Death and Taxes. His heroism made their plight seem ridiculous and silly – which is exactly what he was going for.

There?s enough division in the world. What would happen if all humans recognized they are the same species and began to collaborate to improve conditions for all? Comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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