Solar-Powered Aspen Primary School Is A Wilderness Dream

The remote primary school got a makeover with sleek modern styling and a natural interior.

Credit: Studio B

Award-winning architecture house, Studio B, has unveiled their inspired design of Aspen Community School in Woody Creek, Colorado. The school building features rooftop solar panels and an open design encouraging lots of fresh air and sunlight.

Credit: Studio B

The primary school in remote Woody Creek sits at the base of mountains, northwest of Aspen Colorado. Formerly a collection of small wooden structures, the redesign was partially funded by a school grant.

Exterior of school. Credit: Studio B

“A palette of modest but durable materials – rusted metal shingles, fibre-cement board and Western red cedar siding – were selected for their compatibility with the existing campus context and for low maintenance,” said Studio B.

School library. Credit: Studio B

The new academic complex occupies 13,500 square feet. It is formed by three rectangular buildings, positioned around a central student commons area. The school has 10 acres of space at its disposal for recess and adventures, covered by hills and forest.

School commons. Credit: Studio B

The school derives some of its power from rooftop solar panels. The design was inspired by the ultra natural setting, which is reflected in the warm, cozy interior and lots of lightly coloured exposed wood paneling.

Credit: Studio B

Studio B explained, ”The result of this consensus-building effort is a design that achieves the vision and goals of the school, satisfies the desired current and future programmatic requirements and is truly the product of all community members that participated”.

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