Software Company Uses Festive Budget To Provide Renewable Energy To Kenyan Communities

The charity organization as able to use the donation to improve the community's livelihood and wellbeing.

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A global software company has decided to ditch their usual investment in holiday cards and are instead using their funds to make a huge positive difference in the world. The global provider of enterprise idea and innovation management software, called Qmarkets, have partnered with a charity based in the UK called Renewable World, with a goal of providing renewable energy to several communities that live on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. The registered charity aims to tackle poverty by providing renewable energy to communities that have no electricity. They support the “provision of affordable renewable energy services to improve incomes, health, and education in the developing world”, according to their website.

Qmarkets normally allocates a significant budget each year towards festive cards to wish all of their contacts a happy holiday season. However, last Christmas they decided that they could use the money for a greater cause, and decided to spend the budget on a more meaningful idea. The company’s Vice President of Marketing, Eran Tsur, explained how they came to the decision, “We heard about the brilliant life-changing work that Renewable World is doing across the globe, and we felt that partnering with them could be our way to contribute to this noble cause while at the same time sharing this gift of giving with our amazing customers and partners.” Renewable World’s main mission is to be the leaders in developing and deploying effective ways of introducing renewable energy to poor communities, which in turn will empower members of the communities to achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods. They work by first asking the communities that they work with about their needs, before assessing the natural resources that are initially available to them. Following these preliminary stages, the organization then work with the communities to plan renewable energy systems that can be put in place to provide them with essential and important resources, which include water, light, and electricity.

The Fundraising Manager at Renewable World, Marie Hounslow, also stated that they “were delighted when Qmarkets decided to support our Lake Victoria Appeal that has helped bring access to energy to fishing communities in Kenya. We thought this was a wonderful and thoughtful way of celebrating the holiday season and raising awareness of the work we do to tackle energy poverty in developing countries.” The organization works towards a vision of a world where renewable energy is accessible to all people and communities across the world, providing an aid to ending extreme poverty, whilst at the same time reducing climate change by their consistent use of renewable energy sources. By bringing energy to poor communities, they are able to develop sustainable livelihoods through the introduction of renewable energy systems throughout the community.

The CEO of Qmarkets, Noam Danon, explained the organization’s thoughts on their new partnership with Renewable World, “Partnering with the Renewable World on this special project was our way to contribute and to say thank you to all our contacts who helped make 2016 such a great year for us. We are proud to take part in this life-changing initiative and we’re especially proud to see that our contacts have appreciated this project.”

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