Social Experiment Proves Hi-Vis Vest Will Get You Almost Anywhere

Two guys wore hi-vis vests to the zoo, the movie theater, and a concert. What they discovered is unnerving?

Credit: David Allegretti

How many times have you wished for special privilege, the type of status that allows you to walk to the front of a stage at a concert or even past the ticket booth at a zoo? Two guys found out the easy way that to do these things, all one really needs is a hi-vis vest.

The intriguing social experiment alludes to how most people view authority: they rarely second-guess it and oftentimes go along with it. In an article for VICE, David Allegretti explains how he and his friend, Sean, decided to test how far they could get wearing the official-looking jackets. What they discovered is somewhat frightening? Allegretti wrote:

?If you see someone in hi-vis stepping through a barricade, or marching past a bouncer, you naturally assume they’re headed to fix something. This makes a hi-vis vest the keys to life.?

?There?s just something about uniforms that garner an almost naive trust. People trust uniforms. Most of us obey the word of those clad in uniforms,? he added.

The duo was able to walk right into a movie theater without paying.

Credit: David Allegretti

Then, they moseyed into a zoo without ever being asked to buy a ticket.

Credit: David Allegretti

According to the writer,

?Sean even gave the ticket clerk a cheeky ?g?day? on the way in. We couldn?t believe how easy it was.?

Intrigued by their success, they then wore the vests to a Coldplay concert in Melbourne, where they took advantage of their?special privilege. Knowing a friend on the inside apparently helped.

Credit: David Allegretti

Credit: David Allegretti

The only opportunity the vests didn?t afford them was a bus ride. But considering the vests scored them free tickets to Coldplay and a day trip to the zoo, the men didn?t complain.

David concluded:

??you?ll never know if you don’t try. Life is totally permeable in ways you don’t expect. Thanks to these hi-vis vests we got into three places for free, and then got some weird perks thanks to serendipity, which was also thanks to the vests.

Credit: David Allegretti

?I guess if I could give you one piece of advice, it would be this: Go get yourself a hi-vis vest. And that?s all you need to know about life,? he finished.

Credit: David Allegretti

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