SNL’s Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo The Electoral College In ‘Love Actually’ Scene [Watch]

Hillary Clinton would need a miracle to win the electoral college, something SNL humorously points out.

Credit: SNL

One would have thought that since Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, the political banter between supporters of the President-elect and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would have died down. If only…

Now, with the CIA and FBI both agreeing that Russia helped Trump secure a win by hacking the DNC and possibly other government agencies, the electoral college is poised to meet tomorrow to re-vote. 

If the electoral college members cast their same votes, Donald Trump will officially be the United States’ next president. If 42 electors change their vote, however, Clinton will nab the presidency. While this is unlikely, the event is a hot enough topic for Saturday Night Live (SNL) to have based a skit on.

Just in time for Christmas, SNL actors re-created a scene from the popular movie Love Actually in which Kate McKinnon’s Clinton tries to woo voters by shuffling through cue cards, similar to what was done in the movie. We’ll be you can’t refrain from laughing…

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