Sir David Attenborough Jokes That “We Could Shoot” Climate Change Denier Donald Trump

The naturalist and broadcaster shocked many with his bold proposal of how to 'solve' the problem of Donald Trump and his climate change denial...

Credit: Atlantic Productions / Mark Tipple

Credit: Atlantic Productions / Mark Tipple

As the world embraces the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, conversation continues to escalate as people consider what a Donald Trump presidency might mean for minorities, women, immigrants, and the environment. On numerous occasions, the President-elect has called human-caused climate change a “hoax” perpetuated by the Chinese. Once he takes office, he intends to water down President Obama’s climate change regulations, completely ignoring the United States’ commitments under 2015’s Paris climate agreement.

For environmental advocates, this is disastrous news. According to The Verge, if Trump follows through with this plan, the world may have no way to avoid the most devastating consequences of global warming. Experts in climate change policy say that rising sea levels, extreme droughts, food shortages, and more incidents of floods and storms are likely to become a reality. Already, the human race uses the resources required for one-and-a-half Earths. The time to invest in renewable resources and lower the country’s carbon footprint is now, but this most definitely will not be the reality if President-elect Trump has his way.

It’s because of this that Sir David Attenborough, a well-known English broadcaster and naturalist, made a bold proposition during an interview with Emily Maitlis, the Newsnight host for Radio Times. INews relays that when Attenborough was asked how the ‘problem’ of Donald Trump could be solved, he jokingly responded:

“We could shoot him.”

Though the giggle afterward suggests he was making a joke, the statement was reminiscent of what the business tycoon, himself, stated during a rally earlier this year. Trump incited backlash after suggesting that Hillary Clinton could be assassinated by disgruntled gun rights activists.

Sir David Attenborough had plenty to say on the Republican Presidential-elect’s climate change denial. Considering the effects of a Trump presidency, the 90-year-old broadcaster buried his head in his hands and told Maitlis:

“Well, we lived through that with earlier presidents – they’ve been equally guilty… But what alternative do we have? Do we have any control or influence over the American elections? Of course we don’t.”

The naturalist continued to share his thoughts on the UK’s Brexit “mess”, as well as the issue of overpopulation. While all are notable concerns, it’s not easy to ignore Sir David’s suggestion of how to ‘solve’ the problem of Donald Trump. One thing seems clear, however: though Donald Trump is not the ideal candidate many have had in mind to lead the United States, violence will do nothing to solve the divide in the populace that began to form once Trump announced his candidacy for president.

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