Simple Ways To Meditate At Work And Increase Productivity [Infographic]

Anyone can reap the benefits of meditation - even at work- by implementing one of these five methods.


Meditation isn?t just for those who sip kombucha and budget every month for yoga classes. It?s a technique to be used by everyone, as it?s proven to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation, and even increase the parts of one?s brain that are connected to learning and memory.

From CEOs who run high-level companies to moms who run after their children all day, everyone can benefit from meditation. A common misconception, however, is that it?s hard to fit in the time to meditate. For this reason, the following Infographic has been created.

Not only does it explain why meditation is essential (48% of Americans say stress has a detrimental effect on their personal and professional lives, and only 1/5 of U.S. citizens do anything about it), it relays easy-to-implement techniques everyone might?employ to live a better life.?

Because stress underlies all modern illness(s), it?s arguable that every individual should adopt techniques to deal with life?s challenges. Begin by exploring the Infographic below:

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