Simple DIY: Make A $399 Air Conditioner For About $19

This simple DIY air conditioner cools down a small area and can be made in just a few minutes out of simple parts.

Summer weather is heating up, so you know just how important keeping cool can be.

We found this great money-saving tip to keep you cool: Not only comfort is a factor, in fact every year people die due to heat. Keeping even a small area of your home cool in toasty summer weather can be very expensive if you use your air conditioner. Instead, this simple air conditioner, an easy DIY project cools down a small area, and can be made in just a few minutes out of simple parts.

Anyone at all can make one of these DIY air conditioners and get 42F air in an 80F room! One of the nice things about this design is its portability. The DC fans will work from any battery power source, even a car battery, and the built-in handles mean transport is a snap. You get cool air where and when you need it, even if the power goes out! To make one of these babies you need a few simple tools, a spare cooler and a fan, along with a few other items. Everything is shown in the video.


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