Shirtless Hero Rescues Terrified Dog From Icy Waters [Watch]

An anonymous man risked his own life to rescue a terrified dog who was stuck in a frigid pond.


Credit: Alexander Levashov

When a terrified dog was seen frantically clinging to the side of an icy pond, a Russian hero didn’t think twice before approaching the pup to help. Even when he was bitten due to the trembling dog’s fear, the shirtless man didn’t retract his services.

In fact, as the video below relays, the man got on his knees, grabbed the dog by the scruff of his neck, and yanked him out of the pond. As the dog trotted away, likely to find his home or a warm place to drip dry, the unnamed rescuer stood up and beamed toward the camera.

The incredible footage was captured by Alexander Levashov, who apparently turned on the recording device after calling emergency crews on behalf of the dog. Watch the event for yourself:

Thanks to the mysterious man, the dog was removed from the freezing water and pulled to  safety. Though nothing else is known about the dog’s whereabouts or the man’s identity, it’s safe to say this compassionate deed is helping many rekindle their faith in humanity.

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