She Saw This Homeless Man Every Day For 3 Years. Then One Day, She Changed His Life…

After striking up conversation with the man she saw sitting on a street corner every day, both of their lives changed for the better.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

Heroes exist, and more often than not, they don’t wear capes or silly masks. Instead, they are created when an individual decides to think about others rather than themselves, and offers assistance to someone who is quite obviously in need of help. Ginger Sprouse of Clear Lake, Texas, might be a person worthy of the title “hero.”

Every day for three years, Sprouse drove past a homeless man sitting on the same street corner. As MyModernMet relays, he would sit there regardless of the weather. One day, she decided to strike up a conversation with the man, whose name she learned is Victor Hubbard. Hubbard is 32-years-old and was more than keen to share his story.

The homeless man told Sprouse that he struggles with a severe mental illness and waits on the same corner every day – rain or shine – because three years prior, he was abandoned by his mother on that very spot. He returned to the corner every morning, hopeful that she might reappear.

“So he waits, and waits and waits,” Sprouse commented.

Touched by his story yet concerned about his well-being, the Texas resident decided to start visiting Hubbard every day. One day, she decided to help him search for a suitable mental health treatment program. She even offered him a job at her cooking school, Art of the Meal, to help him get on his feet. Eventually, he moved into her family’s home. Every day, says Sprouse, she is inspired by his determination, kindness and optimistic outlook.

The culinary instructor wanted to share the 32-year-old’s story with others, which is why she started the Facebook page This is Victor. Even though she lives a busy lifestyle, she posts updates about her family’s newest roommate regularly.

As Victor’s fanbase grew, a GoFundMe page was eventually started to help Hubbard become even more independent in his life. Fortunately, it sounds like he is well on his way to doing just that. During an interview with local news station KHOU, Hubbard told the press:

“She came around and she kind of saved me. She helped me. It’s like grace.”

This is Ginger Sprouse and her new friend Victor Hubbard.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

For three years, Ginger witnessed Victor sitting on the same street corner. One day, she asked him why.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

Reportedly, he had been left by his mom three years prior and was hopeful she might return.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

Concerned for his well-being, Ginger decided to befriend Hubbard and help him out.

She gave him a job at her company, Art of the Meal…

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

Helped him catch up on doctor’s appointments…

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

And eventually invited him to move into her family’s home.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

Now she and Hubbard are best friends and she documents his journey on the Facebook page This is Victor.

Credit: Ginger Sprouse

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