She Just Started Working For NASA. Her Experience So Far…

This girl recently started her new job at NASA and took some incredible photos of her experience. There were a lot of things she wasn’t allowed to photograph but for these photos she got permission.

She is very lucky to have such an awesome Job!

A research company called Universum recently asked 9,770 undergraduate engineering majors in the United States which employers they would most like to work for and  NASA was No. 1.

Apollo I launch site.

See that purple stuff? That’s plasma being generated

Most well known launch site for NASA which made Glenn the first American in orbit

Found this on a random desk. Bro, do you even scissors?


Trash to gas reactor. It turns trash in space into fuel!

Actual astronaut food. This is a shrimp cocktail, said to be a delicacy in space due to it being spicy.

A time capsule at NASA to be opened in 2464

No big deal

An actual piece of Apollo 12 that has been to the moon and back



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