Shaq Tipped A Waitress $4,000 Because That?s The Amount She Requested

The 45-year-old basketball icon told Jimmy Kimmel he wouldn?t go out to restaurants if he couldn?t tip the individuals who serve him.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

Shaquille O?Neil is more than a basketball legend, he?s a generous individual who enjoys sharing his fortune with others. While appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show in late March, the 45-year-old retired basketball player discussed the unveiling of his new statue outside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Discussion also picked up about his habit of leaving generous tips for servers and valets.

Shaq noted that $300 is an average tip for a valet, as he feels it?s important to ?show his appreciation.? If he doesn?t have cash on him, he ?keeps driving.?

The largest tip Shaq ever left was $4,000 for a waitress. Reportedly, the basketball icon asked every server working at the establishment the amount they?d like to be tipped. On waitress, who obviously thought he was joking, remarked ?$4,000.? So, the compassionate individual complied.

?I said ?okay, no problem?,? Shaq told Kimmel. ?It was a young lady. She started crying and saying ?oh my god, you just paid my rent for two months?.?

Kimmel was absolutely aghast at the gesture, but Shaquille simply stated that he wouldn?t go out if he couldn?t tip those who make his evenings even more enjoyable.

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