Seth Rogan Basically Calls “American Sniper” Movie A Nazi Propaganda Film

By: John Vibes.

Sadly, the newly released propaganda film “American Sniper” broke box office records this weekend and made $90.2 million in just 3 days, showing that there truly are a ton of brainwashed nationalistic Americans out there willing to spend money on terrible movies.

Surprisingly, there have been a number of mainstream celebrities to actually speak up about the blatant propaganda film and its celebration of death.

Actor Seth Rogan was even bold enough to compare the movie to a Nazi propaganda film.

On his Twitter account Rogan said that:


Rogan was of course speaking of the propaganda film “Nation’s Pride,” which was depicted in the Nazi-inspired movie “Inglorious Bastards.”

Conservative blogs and talk shows are freaking out at the criticism that the film has received, and the “disrespect” that critics have shown to the now dead hired killer Chris Kyle, who inspired the “American Sniper” book and film. However, Rogan’s assessment of the film could not be more correct, just look at some of the tweets that fans of the film were making:


Many people have accused Rogan of acting in a propaganda film himself just last month with The Interview. However, The Interview actually did not portray the US government in a positive or innocent light, and called attention to the massive prison population in the US and its crippling sanctions against other countries. In fact, Rogan has been outspoken against the drug war and war of all varieties, despite his occasional and very disappointing support for the Obama regime. Still, anyone in the public eye who is willing to stand up against war and prohibition gets my support.



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