Self-Conscious? This Is Probably What Strangers Think Of You? [Watch]

Chances are you're your harshest critic...


If you were given a magic wand and had the ability to change anything about your physical appearance, would you use it? And if so, what would you opt to change?

Nearly everyone would modify their appearance if they were given the opportunity to do so, but would this be the right mode of action? Answer this question before and after you watch the following BuzzFeed video. You may be surprised at how fast your opinion changes?


In the video below, a number of individuals reveal their insecurities and what they wish they could change about themselves. Unbeknown to them, people are watching them on the other side of a hidden mirror, documenting their first impressions. Once the individuals who expressed their perceived flaws are told of this, they then get to watch what other people stated about them.

Because people tend to be their own harshest critics, many dreaded watching the footage. Shortly after it began, however, they learned that the way they view themselves and how strangers perceive them are oftentimes very different?

Chances are you are far more beautiful / handsome than you know. Own it!

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