Security Camera Catches Man Doing The Sweetest Thing For A Stray Dog [Watch]

This act of kindness warmed the hearts of many and the coat of this cold dog.

Credit: Tuna Oztunc/Facebook

When reviewing footage from a security camera, it’s rare that the viewer finds something endearing, but that’s exactly what a resident of Giresun in Turkey found when attempting to identify shoe thieves. The resident had been tasked with locating the footage from when thieves had passed through and stolen shoes earlier.

While reviewing the cameras from a nearby apartment building, he came across something remarkable that he wanted to share. After seeing a stray dog lay on the cold sidewalk while it snowed for some time, suddenly a human came into view and headed straight for the dog.

The dog, who likely believed that she would be spending another night in the cold with no help, was sorely but sweetly mistaken. The mysterious man walked up with a bowl of food and pet the stray dog affectionately while she lay there confused at the love she was being shown.

What’s even more remarkable is that, along with the food, the man stood up and took the snow jacket off of his own back to give to the dog. He gently wrapped her in it, making sure to tuck in the sides, before petting her one last time and walking away. Given the price of good snow jackets, the fact that this man gave his away for this poor animal is certainly selfless.

Credit: Giresun Belediyisi

Though it’s sad that this stranger left this dog outside, there are many stray dogs on the streets in Giresun and not everyone can afford to bring all the ones they come across inside. The man, who was later identified as Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu after the video went viral, turned out to be a municipal worker in the area who couldn’t bear to simply look the other way after he saw the dog.

“If I did not give my jacket, it would have eaten at my conscience,” Kalpakçıoğlu told The Dodo. “While we are sitting warm at home, they are outside in the cold.”

Credit: Giresun Belediyisi

Kalpakçıoğlu was awarded a special certificate by Giresun mayor Kerim Aksu for his act of kindness and show of compassion for this stray dog. Since the video had gone viral, many heralded his empathy and said they would do the same in this situation, something which Aksu said is somewhat thanks to Kalpakçıoğlu. In the mayor’s remarks at the small ceremony, he said,

“With this action, he gave a lesson in humanity…. Animals are our friends. We love people, we love our city, we love all living things that are an integral part of us and our city.”

It’s extremely sweet that this stranger took action when he saw an animal in need and it’s surprisingly easy to help in similar ways if you ever find yourself in this situation. Consider helping animals like this stray dog by donating to your local shelter or even giving food and water to those you come across as well.

Watch the footage below to see the act of kindness.

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