Sad Captive Orangutan Shares Carrots With Other Depressed Chimps [Watch]

Watch this sad, lonely orangutan share his carrots with fellow primates in a nearby enclosure.

Credit: LA Times

Credit: LA Times

The conditions of zoos and wildlife facilities vary, but oftentimes animals are not given the space they need and are not treated with the respect and care they deserve.

For animals with a high level of intellect, exercising their minds is just as important as physical exertion. Some primates are proven to share 90% of the DNA of humans and have the mental capacity to harness advanced emotions, maintain social relationships, and even learn sign language to communicate with humans.

When primates are forced into cages, like many are in testing facilities and low-quality zoos, the boredom takes a toll on them just as it does on humans in prisons.

One orangutan at the Phoenix Zoo in Japan, who appears to be alone in his enclosure and likely very sad about his situation, was given carrots to munch on when he saw some fellow primates in the adjacent zoo interested in his food.

Instead of being greedy and eating all of the carrots himself, the lonely orangutan, appropriately named Happy, tossed some carrots over to the other primates so that they could enjoy them as well.

Even though he is a sad orangutan enduring life in a zoo, he’s still empathetic and compassionate. Many humans could certainly benefit from expressing the same compassion towards other humans and animals.

Watch the video below to see this beautiful act of kindness.

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