Russell Brand Exposes the Truth

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

A pivotal shift is taking place in the world. Truths reminding humans of their innate spiritual origin are permeating mainstream society, and long shunned or oppressed viewpoints on this matter are increasingly receiving confirmation through science.

What could be perceived as a ‘period of enlightenment’ is becoming tangible in everyday situations, and Russell Brand is one of the leading voices for human empowerment and spiritual revolution in the mainstream culture.

This compilation of his most epic debates, radical honesties, and compelling opinions ignites a fiery passion in the viewer who has always felt ‘there is something more’. Bringing to attention obvious, but often overlooked, details, such as “if we know there is a spectrum of light, we know there are sounds we can’t hear, and we’re accepting of the mysteries of the universe, how can we not be open to the possibility and truth that there is more than beyond what one can see!?”, he cunningly uses science, enthusiastic emotion, and heartfelt sincerity to share his message.

The advance of technology is a beautiful extension of the gifts humans may already have. By tapping into one’s true self and ‘forgetting old-paradigm views and limited belief systems’, individual change will fuel a collective shift in consciousness.

Truths will become more easily understood and accepted as beliefs of higher vibration are implemented and taught. One such theory becoming more widely accepted is that “underlying all appearance, there is really only different frequencies and vibration of energy.” The clothes one wears, their thoughts, and the matter of this universe are all of the same energy, and it can be used to develop and progress or diminish life.

Thanks to Russell Brand and other truthful-speaking activists, enlightening wisdom is reaching the mass culture currently deadened by the constant bombardment of advertisements, movies, games, religion, manufactured goods, and corporate agendas.

This is one example of how connectivity will help to radically shift the world in a positive way.

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