Rotating Indoor Garden Grows 100 Herbs Or Veggies Every Single Month

The OGarden is like a ferris wheel for produce.

Credit: OGarden

Joining the ranks of the latest trend—indoor, self-sufficient gardening—is the OGarden, an innovative spherical garden that provides the optimal environment for growing green vegetables and herbs. Indoor gardening is a growing trend because more and more people are turning to apartments and cities that have little to no outdoor space for traditional gardens. While some people thrive on urban gardening on random plots of land, there are others who want to be able to harvest in their own home, and tons of options for doing so are quickly becoming available.

The OGarden is a revolutionary system that is described as a “Ferris wheel for veggies” because it rotates periodically and is fairly self-sufficient. Designers claim that users can harvest 2 to 4 vegetables or herbs everyday and only have to provide about 5 minutes of daily maintenance. For anyone tending outdoor gardens filled with produce, you’ll understand that this is phenomenal.

Credit: OGarden

In addition to being easy-to-use, the OGarden is equally eco-friendly. As with most indoor garden systems, it doesn’t require the use of pesticides and maximizes its use of water so that nothing goes to waste. Pollution and exposure to air pollution is practically non-existent. The system comes with organic soil and the lightbulb used to give sunlight to your plants uses little energy and lasts for several years.

“People in this working world are unable to spare the time and money required to purchase healthier food options. This is where the OGarden comes into play. The OGarden is the all-in-one solution to growing healthy and organic foods affordably. For a fraction of the cost of buying leafy vegetables, it will now be possible to harvest your own salads and herbs, grown with organic substances, on a certified organic device, directly at home, year round, and for only 20 cents per vegetable,” said OGarden’s creators.

Credit: OGarden

When users first receive the system, they are able to choose from a variety of different seedlings, including lettuces, basil, brocolette, onions, cabbage, and chives. The seedlings are then planted in the provided soil and placed under the neon lamp in the storage shelf. After a few weeks, when the seedlings are ready, they need to be placed individually in one of the 2o growing tubes. Each tube has 4 spots for plants, meaning the OGarden can grow up to 80 plants at a time. The idea is that the machine should act as an “endless forest” of leafy green and herbs for the user to enjoy at their own pace.

The OGarden was initially run as a Kickstarter project back in 2016, where it earned well over what its set goal was, and they have now already released their OGarden 2.0. With two different payment plans—one where the consumer pays in 4 installments and one where the payment is made in full at once—the OGarden is appealing to many people with little space but lots of concern about their health. Visit the website here to find out more about this innovative system.

Credit: OGarden

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