Ron Paul Speaks Out About Voting: “The System Is All Rigged…It Really Doesn’t Count”

The three-time presidential candidate and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives has voiced concerns for the legitimacy of the voting system. You’ll want to hear this…

Three-time presidential candidate and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives Dr. Ron Paul recently voiced concerns for the legitimacy of the voting system in the United States:

“This is the way the system works, it’s a rotten system, and I see elections as so much of a charade. So much deceit goes on…whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat president, the people who want to keep the status quo seem to have their finger in the pot and can control things. They just get so nervous so, if they have an independent thinker out there, whether it’s Sanders, or Trump, or Ron Paul, they’re going to be very desperate to try to change things… More people are discovering that the system is all rigged, and that voting is just pacification for the voters and it really doesn’t count.”

Like Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul established a reputation throughout his campaign for appealing to the intellect of voters and trying to expose the realities of the U.S. electoral system. His stance, and that of other like-minded individuals like Sanders, is clear: presidential elections are rigged. He explains how voting is simply an illusion, one meant to mimic democracy rather than actually serve it; he reveals it is a charade not intended to facilitate democracy at all.

Paul’s opinions seem to echo that of Sanders’, in that corporate interests will continually prevail, thus hindering the chosen president in producing actual change. Sanders presented a similar train of thought in a recent debate with Hillary Clinton, stating that “no matter who is elected to be president, that person… will not be able to succeed because the power of corporate America, the power of Wall Street, the power of campaign donors is so great that no president alone can stand up to them.”

The idea of the entire democratic system we promote, believe in, and preach to others being nothing more than a fallacy is undoubtedly jarring. Given our longstanding history of condemning other political systems that do not align with democratic ideals, it is an uncomfortable truth, yet one that has been expressed by previous political leaders.

Theodore Roosevelt once stated that “behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people” in which “presidents are selected, not elected.” Roosevelt was just one of several political figures that expressed discontent with the lack of transparency and bias that exists within the American government, an idea that clearly manifests itself over and over to this day.

Perhaps it is time we take into consideration the intellect and experience of these political leaders and recognize that our world is not all what we have been told it is; rather, it is on us to demand change from a charade to tangible impact.

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