Rockford, Illinois Effectively Ends Veteran Homelessness!

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Credit: GoFundMe

Credit: GoFundMe

Lately, a number of positive developments have been shared concerning homelessness.

Not only have some incredibly innovative sleeping bag designs been revealed to help individuals on the street stay warm and cozy, the city of Rockford, Illinois announced that it has officially eliminated homelessness among vets. 

Rockford is now one of at least 15 cities – including New Orleans, Houston, Philadelphia, and the whole state of Virginia – to eradicate involuntary veteran homelessness. That means that any veteran who wants permanent housing may receive it. Of course, vets can opt out of permanent housing and remain on the streets, which some are doing.

In Rockford, around 73 veterans have been placed into permanent housing in the city. The city is also setting a higher standard for eliminating homelessness among veterans. 

CSH reports that the city is now the first to reach something called “functional zero” – meaning a city must be placing more veterans into permanent housing faster than veterans are ending up on the streets of the city. It also requires a plan in place to ensure each newly discovered homeless veteran can be moved to permanent housing within 30 days.

At present, there are less than eight veterans who have opted out of permanent housing in the entire city.

Said Julián Castro, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Illinois:

“Ensuring every person has a safe, stable place to call home takes teamwork and dedication at every level. Rockford stepped up to this challenge and today has every reason to celebrate its incredible achievement in effectively ending Veteran homelessness. Communities around the country can now look to the Forest City as a model for serving our nation’s heroes.”

Thanks to many peoples’ efforts, homelessness among veterans in America has been reduced by nearly half since 2010. With persistence, more vets will undoubtedly be aided.

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