RNC Moves To Remove Trump’s Funding Amid Backlash Over Lewd, Misogynist Comments

Trump's campaign is in crisis mode and the Republican National Committee is in chaos, but was this all planned from the beginning?


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In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committee has begun to revoke funding from their “Victory” program devoted to electing Donald Trump to the US Presidency. The surprising decision by high-ranking Republicans followed a difficult few days for Trump, after a 2005 recording of him making lewd and degrading comments about women were released. Due to the major backlash that ensued, 24 Republicans have rescinded their endorsement of Trump and several have called for him to step down entirely. The first news of the shift within the RNC came from an email obtained by Politico with the subject line “Hold on all projects”, and was sent to a victory program mail vendor. The vendor was asked to “put a hold” on all mail production. The email was sent by Lauren Toomey, a staffer at the RNC’s political department. Toomey said “Please put a hold/stop on all mail projects right now. If something is in production or print it needs to stop. Will update you when to proceed.” It remains unclear if similar emails were sent to other vendors. At least one high-ranking RNC official, Rick Wiley, was cc’d on the email.

Following the Politico story, the Wall Street Journal reported that the RNC chairman Reince Priebus told party officials to redirect funds from Trump to down-ballot candidates. Essentially, the RNC is seeking to mobilize voters who support Clinton, Trump, or a 3rd party to support GOP House and Senate candidates. It could not be more obvious that the recent leaked recordings have caused chaos in the Republican party. Unfortunately for Trump, things are likely to get even messier now that CNN just released new “lewd” recordings of Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka’s physical appearance, having sex with women on their periods, threesomes, and ending relationships with women once they turn 35.

Never in history has a major political party suspended operations for their candidate with only weeks left before an election. If the RNC continues to pull funding for Trump, they may very well be handing over the election to Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton. However, this may very well have been planned from the beginning. The conversation which has caused so much controversy is 11 years old and someone held onto it for over a decade, waiting to release it weeks before a Presidential election that few believed Trump would be a part of until his candidacy was announced last year. The timing of their release is highly suspicious, to say the least. In addition, many high-ranking Republicans, as well as former President George HW Bush, confirmed months ago that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, which raises the possibility that many Republicans may have been waiting for such an event to fulfill a long-expressed desire to challenge Trump as the official nominee.


The Clintons attend Trump’s 2005 wedding, where they had front row seats Credit – dailymail.co.uk

Wikileaks’ recent release of John Podesta’s emails also suggests this to be the case. Wikileaks tweeted today an email that shows that Clinton’s campaign instructed the Democratic National Convention with the strategic goal of “elevating” Trump two months before he declared his candidacy. Bill Clinton also made a personal phone call to Trump just weeks before he announced his candidacy.

Prior to running for President, Trump was a long-time friend and supporter of the Clintons, who had front row seats at his 2005 wedding. He also donated large sums of money to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Clinton’s daughter Chelsea are also very close friends. It is very convenient for Hillary that Trump’s blunt and lewd rhetoric, as well as his racist and misogynist tendencies, have enabled Clinton’s campaign to paint her as the only choice for most Americans. Many Americans will certainly see her that way if the RNC continues to pull the plug on Trump’s campaign in the coming days.

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