Revolutionary Designer Uses Billboards To Give Homes To Homeless

Project Gregory is looking at innovative ways to tackle homelessness and one of their ideas is to use billboards as housing. The revenue generated from the advertisements will cover the costs of maintaining these billboard houses.  They were so kind to make this an “open source” project which means these designs are open for anyone to use or adapt.

It’s designed with two rooms. The first room contains the entrance hall, kitchen with a small office desk,  and a bedroom. The Second room has a shower corner, washbasin and toilet.

The idea of increasing the number of advertisements may not be that compelling so maybe only ads that are really helping humanity could be placed on these billboard houses.

Recently we posted an article where architects in Brazil are planning to turn empty stadiums into housing for the homeless and another project that uses wooden Pallets to construct homes which can be built in one day with very basic tools. One thing is clear, more and more people are coming up with ideas to help the poor and to fight poverty.


Floor plan interior is based on the shape of billboards triangle


Entrance into the living space is accessed from below the billboard.


Every space in this tiny home is utilised


Bathroom consists of a washbasin that is placed on built-in cabinet, toilet and shower box.


At first it only looks like a billboard with stairs


Project GREGORY is a nonprofit platform and is freely available for anyone to adapt or use


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