Rescuing a Pit Bull who just wanted to be loved. A MUST SEE!

Buddha was found in South Central (a dangerous part of Los Angeles). He was living in an abandoned lot and just trying to survive. Neighborhood kids tortured Buddha by throwing rocks at him, which caused a serious injury to his shoulder. Without medical care, the wound got infected and formed an abscess the size of a fist. Of course this was incredibly painful for Buddha.


A few days before Eldad was called for help, other rescuers attempted to capture Buddha. But because his ears were cropped, it made it very difficult for them to read Buddha’s emotions and they feared he might charge them. For rescuers, the ears show us so much about how they are feeling and gives us the cues needed to help them.

Ear cropping with Pit Bulls is a major issue in general. Those who use Pit Bulls as fighting dogs want them to look intimidating and cutting off the ears can do this.  (Please note there are other barbaric reasons for ear cropping fighting dogs, such as less flesh to bite at and less blood during fights). 

As you see in the video, Eldad took his time helping Buddha. He too wasn’t sure how Buddha would react, so he proceeded carefully and with safety being the top concern.

Even though Buddha had been badly abused and abandoned, once he realized Eldad was there to help him, Buddha showed that he (like most other pit bulls) just wanted to be loved!

Shortly after Buddha was rescued, he met an array of new friends including Savannah and the famous Victoria Van Violence, who aided Buddha in learning that it’s OK to trust people.


Buddha required major medical care to treat his shoulder wound, which Hope For Paws generously covered.

This video, like so many others from Eldad Hagar and Hope For Paws, not only educates the public about the issues with pet overpopulation; it gives us the opportunity to become a part of their efforts. Just by sharing this video, the public helps raise awareness for homeless animals everywhere!


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