Rescued Cows See Snow For The First Time? You Must See This!

This is the first time Dudley and Destiny, two rescued cows, have been able to experience snow. Watch their reactions...

As TrueActivist has mentioned before, life for animals in factory farms is no life at all.

Luckily, the two cows in the video (above) were rescued by The Gentle Barn, a farm sanctuary located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Under the care of compassionate owners, the gentle cows, named Dudley and Destiny, were let out to pasture to experience snow for the first time.

Watch the video above, and you?ll see that Dudley and Destiny first had reservations about the frozen precipitation, but soon became giddy about the snow. They started bucking, running around, and expressing their glee in a way only happy, healthy cows can.

Credit: Facebook / The Gentle Barn

Credit: Facebook / The Gentle Barn

Both cows were rescued from factory farms, therefore, this is the first time they?ve been able to play outdoors in the frigid weather, reports One Green Planet.?

When Destiny, the black cow, arrived at the sanctuary, she had a multitude of mobility issues. Now, however, she can bolt through the pasture with no problem!

And Duncan has an incredible story of his own, which you can learn more about by watching the video below:

Visit The Gentle Barn to support the sanctuary?s efforts, if you feel inspired to do so.

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