Rescue Colt That Was Almost ‘Put Down’ Receives New Prosthetic [Watch]

At three months old, this colt was rescued from being auctioned off and sold for meat. Now, he lives a happy life at a farm sanctuary.

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Meet Trident, a frisky colt that was born in Indiana to an Amish family. Because the young horse’s leg is deformed, he was deemed to be worthless by the farmers (as he couldn’t be used as a buggy horse and breeder) and was almost put down.

Fortunately, concerned neighbors reached out to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and activists with the organization drove 12 hours to adopt the three-month-old colt. The colt is now growing fast and making friends at the farm. In fact, he recently received a prosthetic that helps him move around better!

If the colt hadn’t been rescued, he would have likely been auctioned off and sold to be slaughtered for his meat. Fortunately, that wasn’t the outcome. The organization writes:

“Trident, now six months old, is making friends at the Sanctuary, meeting new people and animals every day. He just received a new prosthetic, the first of many as he continues to grow, and couldn’t be happier. We love him already and are so glad he has found sanctuary at Woodstock.”

Watch the video below to see Trident celebrating his improved mobility:

Every year, 100,000 horses are shipped to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada and killed in inhumane ways. Learn more here and consider donating to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to sponsor an animal like Trident. Please comment your thoughts below. 

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