Rare Historical Pictures That You Can’t Miss

A gallery that speaks of our history.

Ever wondered how things ended up the way they did, or how controversial some of history’s famous names were before they ended up on our textbooks? Read on.

1. Testing First Modern Bulletproof VestTesting the first Modern Bulletproof Vest in 1923. Can you imagine getting a great idea which could potentially save lives of officers by protecting them from gunfire in different situations? But such an idea had to be proven for the concept and have someone try it in a real situation. Back in 1538, Francesco Maria Della Rovere commissioned Filippo Negroli to make a bulletproof vest. Early versions were made from silk and iron. The first test of the modern version of the bulletproof vest took place in Washington, D.C in September 1923.

2. The Last Public Execution

The last public execution in Kentucky, 1936 – United States. Around 20,000 people showed up and made a carnival-like atmosphere to watch Bethea McVeigh’s hanging. He was a black man convicted of murder and rape of a white woman.

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