Random Customer Sends Fast Food Worker To Nursing School [Watch]

A police officer felt compelled to help a 28-year-old fast food worker go to nursing school. Thanks to the internet, the GoFundMe campaign surpassed its goal by over $13,000!

Credit: IFLMyLif

It oftentimes seems like the world is full of selfish individuals who rarely think about others. However, this is primarily a result of mainstream media excluding positive happenings and focusing only on the negative ones. To help remedy this imbalance, True Activist strives to share positive news stories to inspire readers and encourage activists to “be the change” they desire to see. 

Recently, a man named Donald Carter was in the drive-thru lane at a Popeyes in Kansas City, Missouri, when he struck up a conversation with employee Shajuana Mays. The two chatted for approximately forty seconds, but that was a long enough period for Carter to decide he wanted to help the 28-year-old female.

The police officer asked Shajuana if she did anything else than working, and she explained that she is constantly trying to attend nursing school but has difficulty saving the tuition money. When Carter followed up with the question, “What kind of nurse do you want to be?”, the employee “desperately said that it didn’t matter.” 

“I could see she was so done with the fast food thing. Even still, she was polite and respectful – far from the typical employee at this same location,” explained Carter.

“I drive off and pull up to my house a few minutes later … I eat my chicken in front of the house … And as I messily crunch on some really untasty fried chicken, I get this idea. What if I got some friends together and we put this girl through school to get her CNA license?”

It was that moment the police officer decided to create a GoFundMe page with a goal of $1,500 – enough to get the Popeyes employee a CNA license. Within 24 hours, the goal was met and Carter was able to surprise the 28-year-old with the good news.

The video below shows the wonderful moment Donald explains to Shajuana the positive development:

Since the campaign was started, it has raised over $15,000. As a result, Shajuana now seeks to become an LPN, followed by an RN. Both make better salaries. The good samaritan wrote on the GoFundMe page:

“You kind people who are reading this helped it, made it happen. You are still making it happen. You are the ones who are changing the life of one young lady and the lives of others and your own life in the process. You are changing the world – your world.”

“The feelings that you generate when you give, the kindness you inspire when you share, and the hope you infuse when you look for ways to be kind to the people around you… these are what have made these last few days incredible,” he added.

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