Racist Truck Design Shows What Trump’s America Looks Like — And It’s Disgusting

This truck is a disgusting example of how terrible America could become if Trump is elected.

Credit: Occupy Democrats

Credit: Occupy Democrats

For some time now, Donald Trump’s America has been rising to the surface in the form of outright racism and violence, but one anonymous person in particular has taken it much too far. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, which of course already existed, have suddenly become bolder and begun to make their harmful messages more public.

This can only mean that as time goes on, and if Donald Trump were to be elected president, these same racist individuals might go even further and inflict harm on individuals.

Below is a photo of the truck, seen on a highway in Oregon, which has a swastika on the side and “Jew Lies Matter” on the back.

Credit: Occupy Democrats

Credit: Occupy Democrats

While everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, these horrible, antisemitic ideas are now identical to those used in propaganda in Germany during WWII.

As David Duke, a former grand wizard for the Ku Klux Klan and Trump supporter, put it, “make Hitler great again.”

Though these symbols and words are not illegal to emblazon on your vehicle or on any other platform, the actions behind them that led to the death of millions of Jewish people and other minorities that their display is certainly concerning.

Credit: Occupy Democrats

Credit: Occupy Democrats

The United States has a complicated history, but the bottom line is that its citizens could stand to learn from its own history in order to avoid repeating the horrible past mistakes that have been made. The nation has made great strides in progressing towards more acceptance, cultural pluralism, and inclusion and electing Donald Trump would certainly cause huge setbacks. Apparently, it could even encourage citizens to promote a past genocide

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