Quit Your Job, Travel the World, and Give High Fives!

A week of traveling is worth over a month of normal life when making new friends. These experiences you have with your new friends will last a lifetime!

In what could only be dubbed as a journey of a lifetime,26-year-old, Melbourne, Australia, native Craig “Lewie” Lewis quit his stuffy corporate job. Armed with his GoPro camera and a zest for adventure Lewie set off to explore the world. Over the course of roughly a year, he traveled to 36 countries, had dozens of new experiences, and giving high fives along the way.

In what he says was a slow build he, Lewie finally got sick of being stuck in a rut at work. He saved up for 3 years after finishing university, while others were getting buried in mortgage he spent it traveling the world without regret. Lewie researched and booked the trip on his own. Avoiding hotels, he slept wherever he would get a chance to lay his head be it a tent,a beach, playground, airports, trains, or a floor. He purposely booked his travel overnight for this reason.

“Volunteering at Wale Wale youth center (in Kenya) and the Mother Theresa school changed my life. You cannot put a price on these experiences, and they are by far the first places I would go back to.”

His travels took him on such adventures as driving the entire coast of South Africa, hitchhiking across Scandinavia, riding elephants in Laos, and sleeping under the stars in Hawaii. While traveling Lewie also attended numerous festivals and events. He said his favorite was Falls Festival in Tasmania. “We camped in tepees and it was the first time in nearly a year that I had been with such a large group of friends that I had known for so long.”


Lewie recommends doing a lot of research and learning on your own. When it came time to trek Mt. Everest, he purchased some gear in Nepal, hired a Sherpa and starting his journey. It cost him a third less than what most people pay. Some would call Lewie an adrenaline junkie, he completed 80 skydives before his trip, and added another 160 while traveling. After lots of training he started using wing suits and started base jumping with a mentor in France and England. During his travels he was able to check off pretty much everything off his bucket list, ” but when traveling you learn of so many more amazing things to do and see so it just gets longer!”

“The world is full of amazing humans and most of the time they welcome you with their arms open. A week of traveling is worth over a month of normal life when making new friends. These experiences you have with your new friends will last a lifetime!”


I’ve always wanted to travel to ancient sites around the world, primarily in Egypt, India, and South America. I’ve always been fascinated by these cultures and the impact they’ve had on our civilization’s. Does anyone else have travel like this on their bucket list? Does anyone else have a trip like this they would like to share? Please let us know in the comments.

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