Puppy Overdosed On Heroin And Left In Car Was Rescued Just In Time

This puppy was 'Lucky' to be found.

Credit: Angela Shaw

A 3-month-old puppy by the name of Lucky didn’t get such a “lucky” start in life, but thanks to his rescuers he now has a happy-go-lucky attitude and a new lease on life.

Officers in Texas responded to a call regarding two men that had been caught switching tags in a store one fateful day and, thankfully, decided to check the suspects’ vehicle for any stolen merchandise. This is a typical procedure for cops responding to theft cases, in case the thieves at hand have any big ticket items that can be traced back to a recently reported crime. When they checked the car, however, what they found instead was a sickly 3-month-old Chihuahua puppy who was hardly responding to them.

“He was extremely lethargic ? almost comatose ? and was basically limp,” Jolene DeVito, police media specialist with the Carrollton Police Department, told The Dodo.

Credit: Angela Shaw

The officers immediately called?Carrollton Animal Services, who rushed over and took Lucky to a nearby vet clinic. The vets at?North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic?ran some tests and confirmed the worst: Lucky had ingested and overdosed on heroin, which was evident after he tested positive for opioid exposure. As though his exposure to heroin was not bad enough, his overdose caused him to have a low heart rate, low body temperature, which led him to be extremely lethargic. The poor puppy could barely even lift his head.

As sad as it may be, the vets at this particular clinic say that they see overdose cases in animals at least once every shift and were well-equipped to handle the situation. They used a medicine that reversed the opioid overdose and Lucky was healthy again within 24 hours. His speedy recovery amazed the staff and his rescuers, but they knew it was time for the next process in his recovery: placing him in a forever home where he would be safe and loved.

Credit: Angela Shaw

“Lucky is a typical Chihuahua puppy,” Angela Shaw of Carrollton Animal Services told The Dodo. “A little dog who thinks he is the size of a German shepherd. He is happy to meet new people and nip their noses.”

Credit: Angela Shaw

Lucky’s story had gone somewhat viral in the town and there were tons of people that wanted to adopt him, prompting the adoption center to hold a lottery to determine who would take him home. He met and interacted with everyone that showed up on the day of the lottery, but he especially hit it off with a little girl that arrived with her grandparents.

Credit: Angela Shaw

The two were so in love that when another gentleman won the lottery, he quietly requested that the little girl take him home instead and left the adoption center. Lucky and the girl could not have been happier.?Though Lucky was not dealt the best hand in the beginning of his life, he is quickly on his way to a better life with amazing humans.

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