Property Owner Finds Homeless Man Squatting In His New House And His Response Was Amazing

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

Property owner Chris Crever recently bought a house in Portland and was soon after faced with an opportunity to make a difference. While he was cleaning out the house, Crever noticed that someone had been staying there, and they had a number of personal items in the house, included wet blankets, clothing and bedding.

“In the back of the house there was sleeping bags, wet blankets, things like that,Crever told KOIN.

He threw away the items that he found and locked up the house more securely.

Soon after, 28-year-old James Eppler, one of the uninvited homeless guests, returned with a friend of his and found that the building had been locked up and that their items were thrown away. Eppler and his friend stayed on the porch to keep out of the rain and began discussing what they were going to do about their situation. While they were on the porch, Crever returned to the home and found the two of them there, and politely told them that they could not stay there.

Eppler thanked Crever for treating him like a human being and handling the situation decently, and that response inspired Crever to help him out.

“He understood, wasn’t bitter about it and thanked me as I walked away. Before I got in my car, I’m thinking, ‘What did he thank me for? I just asked him to leave what he would consider his home,'” Crever said.

Crever then offered him a job and a temporary place to stay.

“I said, ‘You meet me here Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. and help me clean up the property,‘” Crever added.

That Monday, Eppler showed up nearly an hour early for work and was excited for an opportunity to turn his life around.

“He seems to want it, he seems to have the desire,” Crever said.

Eppler said that he is grateful just to have a place to sleep and shower, and he says that this may help him find a full-time job.

“It’s humiliating not being able to shower, we always hope for something, you know, a little help, not necessarily money,” he said.

“To have this around Christmas time… I was raised with Christmas every year, it was a huge thing. It’s almost like God smiling down,” he added.

If anyone in the Portland area has a job opportunity for Eppler, give him a call at 971.470.9626.

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