Pro-Breastfeeding Vlogger Defends Having Sex While Feeding In Bizarre Interview

The interviewer said, "That's a hell of a quote!"

Credit: Tasha Maile

The controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public is showing no signs of stopping but, oddly, that’s not the biggest breastfeeding ‘issue’ out there at the moment. While breastfeeding is a totally natural function that many women and their infants enjoy no matter where they are, vlogger Tasha Maile has been attracting critics from all over the world because of recent statements she made. Though she originally said it back in 2015, she has recently conducted interviews where she said she is a proponent of having sex while breastfeeding.

Though both having sex and breastfeeding are natural parts of the reproductive cycle, many people have been going so far as to call the simultaneous act of them incest. In her 2015 video, she can be seen breastfeeding her then-youngest child, Soul, and addressing the question of whether she has sex while breastfeeding.

“We are pleasure beings, we are meant to enjoy sex and pleasure and all things can be orgasmic,” Maile said. “I remember sleeping with my ex-husband, and my son was on me breastfeeding, and we would have sex from behind or something.

“There’s nothing wrong with making love at all, ever. Enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your fantasies.”

The video originally gained popularity and criticism when it was first posted, but with a revamp in sharing in the recent months, the UK-based show This Morning had her on their show for an interview that they hoped would clarify her stance on the issue. Rather than simply restating her position, or even augmenting what she originally said, what Maile said in the interview is near cringe-worthy and certainly very bizarre.

Maile clarified that on the occasions that she breastfed and had sex at the same time, her baby was only about 3 months old and was sleeping.

“If your baby is sleeping, again being an adult about the conversation, we all like sex, there’s no secret about it. I think it’s totally fine if the baby is sleeping,” she said on the show.

However, when asked if she thought there was an age where it stops being appropriate to have sex when kids are in the same room, she said that she doesn’t believe that there is a set age. According to her, while she personally hasn’t had sex with her eldest children in the room, parents will do what they believe is right.

“If you’re having sex in front of your children and it feels good …” she continued, before being cut off by the interviewer.

That is perhaps the most bizarre response she had during the interviewer, though it’s unclear exactly where she was headed with her argument. When directly asked if it’s okay to have sex in front of children, she responded by saying, “Is it okay to kill somebody in front of your children?” It’s also unclear where she was headed with that argument, seeing as the response to that last question is a resounding no, therefore with that analogy it would not be okay to have sex in front of children either.

After the interview, people scoured through her YouTube channel and found some content they found disturbing, such as the video where her 3-year-old son says something odd. He makes a reference to him and his mother acting like they were boyfriend and girlfriend the previous night, where they kissed like adults while he was breastfeeding. Toddlers tend to say some pretty outlandish things, so even if this incident occurred, it could have been misconstrued by the way he said it, but others think this is a sign of some odd occurrences within the household.

Maile breastfeeds all three of her children, the eldest of which is 5, which has sparked controversy within itself. While Western culture has preferred that women only breastfeed for about the first year of their child’s life, other cultures around the world breastfeed until they are as old as 7 or 8. Whether to breastfeed at all, or how long to do it for, is an entirely personal matter, but Maile uses her channel to promote breastfeeding, encourage moms who want to consider doing it for longer, and even talk about her experience with having sex while breastfeeding.

Watch the video below to see the interview for yourself.

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