Portland, Oregon, Commits To 100% Renewable Energy By Year 2050

Leaders intend to meet the city?s electrical needs with renewables within the next 18 years and to transition existing fossil fuel sources for heating and transportation to clean variations by 2050.

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Good news! Leaders in Portland just announced plans to completely power the Oregon city with clean energy by the year 2050. If Portland succeeds in this endeavor, it will become one of the largest cities in the United States to make the move.

According to CNBC, Mayor Ted Wheeler is in support of the transition because it is essential for both the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Now, Portland is in league with a group of twenty-five other cities in the United States that have pledged to transition to run on green energy.

City leaders revealed plans last week which reveal an ambitious goal of meeting the city?s electrical needs with renewables within the next 18 years. After that, the city plans to transition existing fossil fuel sources for transportation and heating to eco-friendly ones by 2050.

This news shouldn?t come as a surprise, as the City of Roses? is known for spawning initiatives to benefit the environment and residents. Portland is the first U.S. city to enact a comprehensive plan to reduce CO2 emissions, consistently pushes for green building initiatives, runs a comprehensive system of light rail, buses and bike lanes to keep cars off of the road, and boasts 92,000 acres of green space. Additionally, there are more than 74 miles of hiking, running and biking trails in the city. The city has also explored less conventional methods of getting powers, such as installing high-tech water pipes.

The city?s Mayor commented:

?Getting our community to 100 percent renewable energy is a big goal. And while it is absolutely ambitious, it is a goal that we share with Nike, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Google, GM, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Walmart. We have a responsibility to lead this effort in Oregon.?

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