Popeyes Job Applicant Stops Robbery During Interview, Is Hired Immediately

18-year-old job applicant was hired after stopping and detaining a robber during an interview.

Credit: Raw Story

Credit: Raw Story

A New Orleans teenager, Devin Washington, that applied to a local Popeyes was being interviewed by the manager when a robber came in and tried to steal some cash. After seeing the manager,?Danyanna Metoyer, struggle with the suspect, the teen sprang into action and pulled the suspect off of her.

The robber, identified as 50-year-old Pablo Ciscart, had asked the cashier for change for a dollar. Once the cashier opened the drawer, Ciscart reached in, grabbed the money, and tried to make a run for it. Metoyer saw the incident and approached the robber at the door, grabbing his arm to detain the suspect in the process.

Metoyer told New Orleans, Louisiana Local News,?”We hadn’t made hardly any money.?He wasn’t going to take the $300 to 400 we probably had made. We needed our money.”

Credit: CNN

Credit: CNN

Once Washington saw Metoyer and Ciscart struggling, he stepped in and “got up and bent his arm back.” Although Washington wasn’t sure if the suspect was armed, he said that he wasn’t scared.

The 6’4″ defensive lineman said he did it because he simply saw people, specifically this woman, in need of help and that, “I was thinking it could be my mama. It could be anybody’s mama, so you have to protect somebody.”

After realizing that his plans to leave with a chunk of money had been foiled, Ciscart reportedly gave up and threw the money on the floor. Washington and a cook at the restaurant, Michael Ford, held the suspect to keep him from fleeing while they waited for police to arrive. Police arrested the man on a simple robbery charge.

As for Washington, he was hired on the spot. Metoyer and Dominique Griffin, the assistant manager, said that they had already decided to hire Washington but hadn’t been able to tell him before the incident but that his aid in the situation certainly didn’t hurt. Metoyer said they told him, “You’re hired. You earned it.

The 18-year-old started his job at the restaurant just two days later.

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