Pope Francis Says That Holiday Gifts Are Made By “Modern Day Slaves”

Pope_Francis_at_Varginha_(2)A Speech that Pope Francis is scheduled to give in January will reportedly call on consumers to stray from buying products which may have been manfucated by slave labor.

Strangely, the speech will be given on January 1st, which is just after, instead of before, the Christmas holiday.

The speech will be called “No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters,” and parts of the transcript were published by the Vatican earlier this week.

The speech will attack governments and law enforcement as well as businesses and multi-national corporations, calling attention to their shared responsibility in the existence of child slavery, sex slavery and general exploitation of people.

Since he was put into power, Pope Francis has been working to manage some of the public relations blunders that the church has been wrapped up in over the years. This pope has spoken kindly of non-believers and homosexuals, but at the same time has also advocated for some startling economic measures to be implemented worldwide.

Just last year, Pope Francis called for a world currency, a move that the past several popes have actually suggested. Also following in the footsteps of popes to come before him, Pope Francis has publicly supported measures of global governance as well.

This is hardly a coincidence, as this would put the world’s finances in deeper control of the banking oligarchy. The Vatican is an organization that has had close ties to the banking cartels for many generations, and is very much a part of the same ruling class.

This pope happens to be a bit more friendly than the last one because the church knew that it was necessary for them to clean up their self image if they wanted their institution to continue. This has been a strategy long employed by the catholic church, “if you cant beat em, join em.”

Even Jesus himself was once an anti-authoritarian enemy of the Roman-Catholic Church and state, and he was ultimately persecuted and murdered by that theocracy. However, over 300 years later, The Roman-Catholic Church, the very same organization that killed Jesus, made the decision to write him into their religion as a means of pacifying his followers that were ready to topple their government.

Fearful that this anti-establishment movement would break down their spiritual monopoly, the church developed a plan to corrupt the message of Christ and use his cult status as a banner for their religious institution. The religious institution that was in fact responsible for the death of Christ and persecution of his followers was now planning to merge the popular image of Christianity with the dogmatic tradition of the church.

In 325 AD, Emporor Constantine of Rome held “The Council of Nicaea”, a meeting of ranking church figures, where they discussed how they would deal with the explosion of the Christian philosophy in their society. The church knew that if they let things continue as they were, that all of their subjects would convert to Christianity in a very short time. They had to find a way to change this trend and convert the Christians back to the traditional structure and control of the church. To achieve this goal, the establishment decided to merge Christianity with their religious teachings in such a way that the radical messages of peace and freedom were replaced with the hierarchy of the existing church.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. 

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