Politician Who Claimed British PM Had Sex With A Pig Critically Ill In Hospital

Lord Ashcroft made the sensational 'pig-gate' claims in his new book- but he couldn't attend its launch after his kidneys and liver began to fail


In case you missed it, late last month the unpopular British Prime Minister David Cameron was accused of doing something which is (almost) impossible to believe: He allegedly once stuck his penis in a dead pig’s mouth as part of an initiation ceremony for an Oxford University society called the Bullingdon Club.

The sensational claims are documented in an unofficial biography of Cameron, entitled ‘Call Me Dave”. The book was written by Lord Michael Ashcroft, himself a member of the Conservative party and once a close friend of Cameron‘s. The scandal provided comedy gold material for many commentators including John Oliver, whose hilarious segment on the story (above) was featured in a recent episode of The Daily Show.

However, Lord Ashcroft was unable to attend his own book launch after being rushed to hospital in a critical state. His liver and kidneys began to fail in what was called a “life-threatening” illness. He is now thought to be recovering, but many people have suggested this is highly suspicious.

Lord Ashcroft’s co-author, Isabel Oakeshott, has claimed that Mr Cameron warned her against writing the book in an interview two years ago. He told her she risked getting caught up in “some terrible fight between me and Michael Ashcroft”. Cameron refused to “dignify [Ashcroft’s claims] with a response”, while the mainstream media- even on the left- chose to divert attention from the Prime Minister’s outrageous alleged antics to focus instead on the romantic life of Socialist hero of the day, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn– who had absolutely nothing to do with the Pig-gate scandal.

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