Police Pull Drivers Over To Surprise Them With Ice Cream Instead Of Tickets [Watch]

Police pranked drivers in Virginia by pulling them over and serving ice cream instead of tickets.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

We all know the feeling that arises when you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. First, your heart drops, then your stomach tightens, and then your throat and hands constrict as you mentally go over all of your last moves which might have resulted in you being pulled over.

Thankfully, individuals who were recently stopped by two officers in Virginia didn’t need to worry themselves sick for too long. This is because Officer Brian Warner and Police Chief Kevin Lands explained within a matter of minutes that the reason drivers were being pulled over was because “it’s against the law” to drive on such a hot day without ice cream.

Yep, the law enforcement workers with the Halifax Police Department wanted to improve people’s lives, therefore, took the initiative to hand out free ice cream to patrons during sweltering hot days this summer.

Watch the video below: 

This news is a welcome contrast to the many stories concerning police brutality in recent months. Not all officers abuse their power, and these policemen want to prove to the public that they are not the enemy.

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