Police Officer Sends Flowers To Crying Woman She Pulled Over For Speeding

The reason why is heartwarming?

Credit: WBZ video

Credit: WBZ video

Cops have a bad reputation nowadays. This is mainly because a number of police officers (who weren’t correctly trained how to de-escalate situations) shot – and in some instances killed – citizens on the spot. There is no arguing police officers hold a lot of power and that some law enforcement workers abuse their privilege. However, to state that all officers are ?bad? is just not true, which is why we?re sharing a positive story about a female officer who did something kind for an individual she pulled over.

Recently, a Massachusetts cop pulled over a car for speeding. When she approached the window, she saw the woman in the driver?s seat crying. Apparently, the distraught woman had just been informed that her mother was being moved into hospice care. Overwhelmed with emotions, the woman lost track of just how fast she was going in the car.

Not only did Somerville Officer Ashley Catatao let the woman go with just a warning, she ordered a delivery of flowers to be sent to the driver. The note that accompanied the kind gesture read,

?I?m very sorry about your mother. I hope you find comfort in knowing she lived a long life and will continue to live on in your heart and in your memories.?

WBZ Boston reports that though the officer wasn?t looking for recognition for the compassionate deed, she was honored by the mayor and police chief with a Beyond The Call Of Duty award. Watch a video detailing the event below:

The world desperately needs more positivity. If you?re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of negative happenings that take place, ?be the change? and brighten someone else?s life with a small, meaningful gesture. Opening the door for a stranger, giving someone a hug, or offering a passerby a smile can do wonders for those who are experiencing a poor mood.

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