Police Officer Funds Homeless Couple’s Fairy Tale Wedding [Watch]

A Floridian police officer raised $20,000 for a homeless couple of three years so they could ‘tie the knot’ in a very romantic way.

Most news nowadays concerning law enforcement workers has to do with police brutality. While there are, undoubtedly, individuals who take advantage of the system and respond poorly in tense situations, there are compassionate policemen, as well.

This was made evident when a Florida police officer discovered Evelyn and Rocky living homeless in a tent in the woods. The couple of three years had been unable to legally get married, as licenses in Florida cost nearly a hundred dollars. However, they’d both looked forward to officially ‘tying the knot’ someday.

While the unnamed officer could have made their lives difficult by reporting their camping and sending them on their way, he instead chose to help them in an incredibly genuine way.


Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

The officer placed Evelyn and Rocky on a waiting list for permanent housing, and in the meantime raised $20,000 so they could have a dream wedding. This meant that the couple could get enjoy a wedding photographer, gorgeous flowers, lights, stunning rings, and video. Reportedly, the results were a sight to “have and to hold.”

While some might argue that the money could have been used in a different way, it is important to note that every kind and gracious deed is something to appreciate. Ultimately, money does not buy happiness, but this experience allowed everyone involved to celebrate what matters most: each other.

Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

Credit: Carrie Wildes Photography

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