Police Discover ‘Stair Of Knives’ In Home Used For The Most Disturbing Purpose

The police never expected to see something so horrible during this call.

Credit: Inspector Jack Rowlands

Any number of crimes occurs every single day, but while there are repeat offenders, there aren’t always repeat victims. The exception to this, of course, are those that are exploited through trafficking or those suffering injustices at the hands of their government, as well as victims of domestic violence that endure violence from their abusers everyday. If it’s not physical, then it’s emotional and psychological, trapping the victim in a situation they can’t safely escape from.

This was the case for a woman in the United Kingdom, whose life was likely akin to a living hell because of the constant abuse and terror she was subject to. Though there were no details shared regarding this case, other than the fact that this was certainly for a domestic assault call and a 42-year-old man was arrested, it’s easy to see that living in the house must have been incredibly scary for the female victim.

Last month, Inspector Jack Rowlands shared a disturbing photo from the home of the victim and her abuser on Twitter. His colleague had snapped a photo after arresting the man a few weeks earlier and the department firmly believes that this female could have been killed if they had not arrested her partner.

The stairs in the home had 21 knives going up the steps, one for each side, with some of them pinning down colored cards and even a bullet lying on the ground. See the tweet below.

Credit: Inspector Jack Rowlands

It’s very possible that the victim could have been killed had the abuse been allowed to go further. There have been countless incidents in which an abuser has either been released after being charged, the victim has refused to press charges, or the abuser hasn’t been arrested at all and they go on to murder their partner in the following days or weeks. With extreme circumstances such as this, in which the extent of the abuse is unknown but is likely extremely violent, who knows how far things would have escalated.

Approximately 10 million men and women are abused by their intimate partners each year, with 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 7 men being a victim of physical assault from their partner at some point in their life. In the area where this abuse occurred, in England and Wales, two women are killed each week by their current or former partners.

It’s important to not only recognize the signs that someone you know is being abused but that you recognize when your partner shows signs of becoming violent or emotionally abusing you. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, signs of an abusive partner include someone who:

  • Uses insults to demean and shame you
  • Tries to exercise total control over money spent in the household — including taking your money and refusing to give you funds for expenses
  • Tries to control what you do, who you spend time with (including friends and family), where you go, and what decisions you make
  • Demonstrates extreme jealousy of friends and other relationships
  • Tells you you’re a bad parent or cannot do anything right
  • Tries to control you via threats to you, your children, loved ones, or pets
  • Destroys your property or acts in ways that scare you
  • Uses weapons to try to intimidate you
  • Pressures you into sex (or sex acts that you’re not comfortable with)
  • Pressures you into using drugs or alcohol

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