Photoshop Battle Ignites To Raise Awareness About Syrian Refugee Crisis

Individuals around the world are using their photoshop abilities to reimagine what kind of life a young girl named Zahra could be living.

Since 2011, when the Syrian civil war began, approximately five million people have fled the country, seeking safety in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere. In most of the locations, life is a daily struggle for those who fled their homes, as they have little to no financial resources. In Lebanon refugee camps, for instance, 70% live below the poverty line on less than $3.84 (USD) per person per day. Because there are no formal refugee camps, millions of individuals remain displaced and often share small, basic lodging with other families to simply survive.

It is now 2017, and the war which is entering its seventh year shows no sign of slowing. As a result, the world is now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. Not only are there now 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18, approximately 10 million remain stateless, as they have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement.

Acknowledging this as a travesty, some individuals with enviable photoshop abilities have begun reimagining an image of an adorable child named Zahra who is presently living in a refugee camp.

Credit: Reddit

By showcasing the alternative realities this young girl could be experiencing, participants have helped raise awareness about the Syrian refugee crisis. Those who are just learning of the ordeal and desire to help can make a donation through the UNHCR website.

Some of the best images follow:

#1 Reimagined In Kid’s Area

Credit: masterphotoshop

#2 In A Treehouse

Credit: Timesheetssuck

#3 And Of Course, With Cat

Credit: Reddit

#4 She Should Have A Nice Room

Credit: internforlife1

#5 Internet Photoshop Masters Reimagined Zahra With Warm Winter Clothes

Credit: internforlife1

#6 With A New Friend

Credit: Reddit

#7 With More New Friends

Credit: Timesheetssuck

#8 With A Unicorn. Because She Is That Awesome

Credit: CreativeLeave

#9 She Floats In Space

Credit: Charmmefirst

#10 Zahra Travels Around The World

Credit: Makeworldsuckless

#11 Visits London

Credit: Makeworldsuckless

Credit: Reddit, Bored Panda

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