Photographer Uses Optical Illusions To Promote Adoption: Can You Spot All Of Them?

This marketing campaign won awards for its originality and artistry.

Credit: Amol Jadhav

India-based photographer Amol Jadhav and art director/retoucher Pranav Bhide teamed up to help out World For All, whose mission is to establish a bond between stray animals and humans in Mumbai, where strays are treated like nuisances.

The organization was planning on holding an adoption event and commissioned the photographers to create a visual campaign to promote their event and the artists went above and beyond in their creation. The photos themselves won several advertising and marketing awards, but the most rewarding part of the whole experience was the animals whose lives were saved as a result.

Credit: Amol Jadhav

The images are stunning themselves, with great lighting and a feeling of nurturing with the way the families and couples are staged, but they’re actually optical illusions that hold so much more inside of them. Can you spot the hidden guests in between the families?

The figures of the people perfectly shapes the frame of three different animals in each shot: a dog, a cat, and a rabbit, all of which are saved from the streets of Mumbai by World For All and rehomed. The organization also takes in animals that have been injured for a variety of reasons, ranging from abuse to fights with other strays.

Credit: Amol Jadhav

This campaign certainly helped with attracting more people at the adoption event, which was the goal for the rescue who often takes in more animals than they can accommodate.

“The campaign increased foot traffic owing to its large visibility and the interest people took in the image,” World For All founder Ruchi Nadkarni told The Dodo. “The event saw 42 adoptions and will now be a yearly event at the college owing to the phenomenal success of the event.” According to Nadkarni, foot traffic was increased by 150% in comparison to previous events, and she believes a lot of it can be owed to the campaign.

Credit: Amol Jadhav

World For All was founded back in 2009, when one stray puppy was rescued and posted on Facebook in hopes of finding them a home. Before they knew it, thousands of people had liked the page and the group of people were rehoming dozens of stray and rescued animals. The non-profit has since saved over 12,000 animals and spayed and neutered many animals on the street to prevent more litters of puppies that will go unwanted.

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