Perhaps The Best Robin Williams Tribute Video We’ve Seen… Just A Minute Long!

Usually, we don’t have much to say about celebrities, but we’ve noticed a ton of Robin Williams posts lately, and it seems like the man connected with a ton of people during his life. It is also situations like this that put our own mortality into context when we see someone who seemed so permanent gone in an instant, it can make us realize how fragile life is.

If it is true that he committed suicide, then it also shows how we never really know the struggle that other people are going through, no matter how happy they may seem on the outside.  This should be a time for us to remember that everyone has their struggle, regardless of how the world may perceive their lives, and we should always keep this in mind during our interactions with others.

You never know the struggle that people are going through, so we should always try to be a bit more patient, and give a little bit more love!

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