People Strongly React After Realizing They’re Drinking Dog’s Milk [Watch]

A social experiment by PETA prompts consumers to question why it's normal to drink milk from a cow, but not from a dog or cat.

Credit: PETA

From a young age, one is taught that to drink cow’s milk is normal – healthy, even. But in the past decades, the exact opposite has been determined… 

Cows only produce milk because they are artificially inseminated and become pregnant. After carrying their calves to term, they are then separated from their young and their udders pumped to procure milk. That same substance is what’s sold to uneducated consumers at the grocery store.

Few are aware that male calves are kept in tiny boxes in which they can barely move. They’re later slaughtered and sold as ‘veal,’ a delicacy in many countries. The females, of course, are raised so that they, too, can one day be impregnated by a farmer and produce milk for the masses.

In short, the life of a factory farmed cow is not an enjoyable one. When a cow becomes too old or lethargic to continue producing milk, it is oftentimes slaughtered and its parts sold and labeled as ‘beef’.

Not only is a diet high in animal products (meat, cheese) determined to be unhealthy, milk from cows isn’t actually a ‘health’ food according to reputable scientists and physicians. In fact, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health no longer advocates milk to be part of a healthy diet. Read more about that here.

Despite this, much of the public still consumes the mucus-forming product because of habit and tradition. If drinking milk from cows is so normal, though, why isn’t it socially acceptable to drink other animals’ milk?  Heck, if it’s not weird to drink from a cow’s teat, why wouldn’t it be weird to drink female breastmilk as a grown adult? If one is being honest, it shouldn’t be weird. Yet, the opposite is what the majority of the populace will conclude if they are presented with the opportunity to drink milk sourced from a dog.

The following social experiment is evidence of this. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sought to prove that drinking cow’s milk is about as normal as drinking a dog’s milk. (In short, it’s not).

In the video below, random passersby are asked if they’d like to try free samples of a ‘new’ milk. They then ask subjects to evaluate the liquid before finally revealing the secret: it’s dog’s milk. Some people swore and began spitting up the beverage on the street. Others couldn’t overcome their shock.

The video highlights how disconnected humans are from their food, as well as the bias that has been formed for certain animals. If you wouldn’t slaughter your cat and cook them for dinner, what’s acceptable about eating a cow or pig? If you wouldn’t drink your lactating dog’s milk, why would you drink milk from a cow? These are questions PETA, as well as other animal rights groups, have asked in the past, and they’re worth pondering.

Watch the social experiment below:

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