PayPal Co-Founder And Major Trump Supporter Said Rape Accusations Are Just “Belated Regret”

Apparently, rape allegations are nothing more than lies stemmed from regret.

Credit: Yuri Gripas

Credit: Yuri Gripas

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has received tons of criticism for his wayward support of Donald Trump, and is coming under fire even more for his recent donation of $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign. Some companies have already rejected money from potential investors because they were linked to Thiel and the CEO of another firm said he would have refused to accept money from Thiel had he known about his political views prior to the deal.

Continuing to stand by Trump has taken a nasty turn, as he has evolved from a racist with a poor understanding of domestic and international affairs to a man that has allegedly sexually assaulted over half a dozen women and girls. It has become less about politics and more about who he is as a person, and it’s so significant that many big donors pulled back their support of Trump once the sexual assault cases emerged.?

Thiel did just the opposite, as he donated over a million dollars to him several days after the reports were made public. As a result, people have been digging into the PayPal co-founder’s past and it’s pretty horrifying.

Credit: Independent Institute

Credit: Independent Institute

In 1995, he co-wrote a book called??The Diversity Myth: Multiculturalism and Political Intolerance on Campus? along with?David O. Sacks, who used to be Chief Operating Officer of PayPal. They shared some terrible sentiments as they commented on what rape allegations typically mean, according to them. When discussing the case of a 17-year-old freshman at Stanford that said she had been raped in her dorm room while intoxicated, Thiel and Sacks said,

?Although [the alleged perpetrator] was clearly guilty of serving alcohol to an underage woman and taking advantage of her resulting lack of judgement, there was no sexual assault … Understandably, however, the woman regretted the whole incident afterwards.?

Their book, which focused on how political correctness stands in the way of academic rigor, went on to say,

?But since a multicultural rape charge may indicate nothing more than belated regret, a woman might ?realize? that she had been ?raped? the next day or even many days later.”

The two also claimed that making a big deal about sexual assault cases is equally about raising awareness and “vilifying men.” Both Thiel and Sacks recently apologized for these statements in the book, and have said that it doesn’t reflect their views now. However, Thiel’s support of Trump speaks volumes of his views and is aligned with what he wrote in the book over two decades ago.

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