Paris Introduces Flying Water Taxis For The Summer

The innovative design is efficient and eco-friendly.

Credit: My Modern Met

Paris has just announced a new mode of transportation for the upcoming summer in the form of a ‘sea bubble’. The SeaBubble will soon be traveling down Paris’ scenic River Seine alongside standard boats, making it the world’s first “flying” water taxi, according to recent reports. The innovative boat, designed by Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal, will allow visitors to not merely glide along the water’s surface, but actually float above it. The new mode of transport is a futuristic alternative to the standard shared water taxis and non-water vehicles.

Credit: My Modern Met

The specially designed submerged “wings” of the boat are hidden underneath the surface of the water and are the components that allow the boat to “fly” a few inches above the water. The boat seats four passengers and the driver and runs on fares that are comparable to Uber. The SeaBubbles will also be available for hire at specific docks along the river.

An added attraction to the alternate taxis is that they are run by electricity, which makes them an eco-friendly transport option compared with petrol vehicles. They travel through the air above the water at a maximum speed of just 30km per hour, which makes them perfect for a relaxing journey that will be quiet without generating waves in the water just inches below. The pace provides the perfect travel option to get passengers where they need to be, whilst being able to admire the surrounding sights at the same time.

Credit: My Modern Met

Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, is fully on board with the new SeaBubble concept, due to its green nature and overall reliable efficiency. She said, “I really believe in the development of river transport. Most of the world’s big cities were built on riverbanks, an advantage we have to use to reduce our reliance on polluting cars.” The futuristic and eco-friendly SeaBubble is on track to be the latest craze in convenient conveyance for the summer.

Credit: My Modern Met

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