Palestinians Tweet Advice In Support of #Ferguson Residents Under Police Lock-Down

Residents of Gaza tweet tips about dealing with tear gas to Residents of Ferguson, Ferguson Protesters Chant "Free Gaza"

Image Credit: twitter / CassFM: Cassidy Moody

Image Credit: twitter / CassFM: Cassidy Moody

This week, residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have been under a total police lock-down, similar to the one seen in Boston last year after the bombing that took place at the city’s annual Marathon.  The police presence began earlier this week when protests started in response to a police officer killing an unarmed teenager.  As soon as the protests began, over 100 police cars were called to the area, using resources from over a dozen different departments.

Since then, even more reinforcements have been called in, and now there are armored vehicles rolling the streets of Ferguson, with many police officers dressed like soldiers, carrying automatic weapons.  Members of the media have been arrested and teargassed, while many protesters have been assaulted.  One protester was even shot in a scuffle with police, following the incident.

People from all over the world have been voicing their support on the internet, even as far awat as Gaza, there were people tweeting in support of the protesters.  Some residents of Gaza even shared the lessons that they had learned in dealing with their own police state.  Many of the posts included tips on how people can protect themselves from tear gas, and what to do if they happen to be exposed to chemicals.

It was reported by many eyewitnesses that the protesters in Ferguson also recognized the struggle in Gaza, chanting “free Gaza” during one of their demonstrations.

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